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Welcome to American Pain Experts, where a drop of our care can get your life back. Our physicians and staff pride ourselves in providing the most advanced and up-to-date pain therapy available in Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

Advanced Interventional Procedures
The APEX physicians are experts in providing the newest procedures resulting from the advancements of modern technology.
Medical Management
A unique combination of medications will be personalized for each patient, focusing mainly on nonopioid medical therapy.
Physical Health
Physical well being is best maintained with an appropriate fitness plan, which will include daily physical therapy home exercises, healthy nutrition

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Chronic illnesses affect more than half of the adult population in the US. They include conditions like HIV, Crohn’s disease and lupus. Close friends and family members often want to help but sometimes make comments that worsen the situation. If you are wondering what not to say to a loved one dealing with chronic pain, here are a […]

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Research shows that people who work on a computer daily are more likely to experience back and neck pain at some point in their lives. Habits like hunching over the computer can put a strain on the spine and cause serious pain. But making a few simple changes at work can reduce pain and prevent future neck and […]

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Lumbar herniated disc can result in serious pain that patients often describe as a burning sensation from the spine towards the leg. The disc pain can occur at different locations and this determines the most suitable treatment option. If untreated, a herniated disc can diminish one’s quality of life and even cause additional health problems. In fact, surgery […]

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  • I would recommend APEX to anyone who is suffering from pain or serious discomfort in virtually any part of their body, especially the Spine, ankles, knees and Shoulders.

    -Richard Hoating
  • My friend told me to go see Dr. Macek just once, I did!! I can’t say how much I love this doctor. He has helped me to get through my day to day activities.

    -Jerri Barri
  • I was an athlete and always on the go raising my 10 year old very active daughter. Then the unimaginable happened and I was bed ridden.

    -Tracy W.
  • I refer to Dr. Neel Amin as my ‘miracle worker.’ He has managed to quickly relieve the pain in my lower back that I have been dealing with for several years.

    -Brian J Burda