4 Tips to Protect Your Back and Resolutions for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is such a common problem for most people that four out of five people will experience some form of back pain in their lives. It is the fifth most popular reason why people go to see the doctor. Back pain comes in various ways and affects various parts of the back. For some people, it is only a temporary pain that is triggered when doing some activities. It could also be the result of an accident or injury that causes others to experience back pain. There are a couple of ways to prevent back pain or keep it from getting worse.


Exercise is good for your back. Constant resting or keeping your spine in one position may cause stiffening or limit your mobility since your back is only comfortable in one position. Regular exercise helps to reduce inflammation and muscle tension making it easier to move your back without feeling pain. Exercise also helps to control excessive weight gain, which can worsen the back pain. Having too much weight in the mid region can shift your center of gravity and strain your lower back. Target exercises that can help you stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight.

Sleeping position

If you often experience back pain in the morning that subsides during the day, or have a lot of difficulty sleeping, it could be due to your sleeping position. There are some sleeping positions that can trigger back pain or even using the wrong kind of bedding like very stiff pillows and mattresses. According to medical experts, the best sleeping position is on your side with your knees slightly pulled towards your chest. If you want to sleep on your back then use two pillows, one under your lower back and the other under your knees.


Good sitting posture can keep the back pain away. You should use chairs with a straight back or lower back support. When seated, your knees should be a little bit higher than you hips so you may need to prop your feet up on something. People who work long hours at desk jobs should find the best sitting posture and take breaks to rest every once in a while. Standing posture too also affects back pain. Keeping your head up and pulling your stomach in can help. Resting one foot on something then shifting your weight to the other foot after a few minutes can help as well.


Lifting heavy things the wrong way is also a common trigger for back pain. You have probably heard of people saying they busted their back while lifting something heavy. You should always use trolleys, handcarts and other supporting equipment to lift heavy stuff. If you have to lift it yourself, you should not bend at the waist but squat down, hold the object close to your body while pulling your stomach muscles in then stand up while avoiding twisting your body. Pushing is the best way to move heavy objects instead of pulling.

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