5 Back Pain Facts and Prevention Tips You Need To Know

Although back pain can be the result of a trauma like a sport injury or a fall, many people experience back pain because of everyday activities done the wrong way. Things like lifting, reaching, sitting, sleeping may be done the wrong way repetitively leading to back problems. Back pain can happen to anyone but it is more common among older people, people with poor physical fitness, people who are overweight or obese, people with back pain and people with hereditary conditions that cause pain. Back pain can be prevented and if you already have back pain, you can stop it from getting worse. Here are a few important things you should know about back pain and how to prevent it.

Exercise can prevent back pain

Exercise keeps your joints fluids and your muscles active. If you are physically unfit, you are very likely to feel pain when doing the most basic tasks. Exercise is one of the most important activities for back pain prevention. Your muscles are meant to move and exercise ensures you do exactly that. In addition, helps control your excessive weight. Excessive weight, especially in the abdominal area creates additional strain on your lower back.

Good eating habits are important

Maintaining healthy eating habits controls your weight and prevents excessive weight gain, which is bad for your back. A good diet provides all the necessary nutrients that your body needs for proper functioning every day. Good nutrition can reduce unnecessary stress on your body and maintain proper functioning of the nervous system, which is commonly effected among people with back pain. People who have irritable bowel syndrome suffer from back pain too, a condition manageable through nutrition therapy.

Get into a proper sleeping position

Your sleeping position can intensify your back problems if you are not laying down properly every night. You should sleep sideways not flat on your back or stomach. If you have to sleep on your stomach, you need to place a pillow under your lower abdomen to help reduce the strain off the back. You also need to use a supportive mattress and pillow when sleeping. Getting a restful, night of sleep is crucial to combat back pain.

Always maintain proper posture

Bad posture is the cause of back pain for many people. With today’s sedentary lifestyle that is more prevalent among the adult generation, people spend a lot of time hunched over their computers. For close to eight hours a day, many people sit at their desks with little movement. The damage resulting from this terrible posture and repetitive behavior is quite devastating. Working at an ergonomically correct workstation can prevent most of the damage caused by poor posture on your back. You need to maintain the natural curves of the back while sitting in order to keep it strong.

Stop smoking

Smoking increases the risk for cancer, lung disease and persistent back pain. Smoking can worsen your existing back pain. The theory put forward for this is that smoking narrows blood vessels leading to less oxygen and nutrients reaching your spine.