Hiring a Pain Doctor in Fort Lauderdale is your Best Option for Chronic Pain Suffering

There are over 50 million Americans who suffer from chronic back pain. These people cannot enjoy a full and active life unless they get into a pain treatment program that can give them the pain relief that they need. Pain management doctors in Fort Lauderdale  are specialists whose main focus is the treatment and management of chronic pain resulting from injuries, accidents, diseases and various other conditions. Most pain doctors often have pain management clinics that solely focus on pain relief.

These doctors often work with other specialists in the medical fraternity for the recovery of patients in case more than one treatment approach is necessary. They will diagnose and manage the chronic pain. There are some pain doctors who further specialize in the treatment and management of pain that commonly affects certain parts of the body such as neck or lower back. They work with all kinds of individuals from athletes, construction workers and any other individual who needs relief from pain.

There are various medications that are often used for pain relief such as non-aspirin pain relievers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Corticosteroids and anti depressants among others. When these medications do not work effectively or lead to major dependency, you should consider seeing a pain doctor as they use various other techniques to bring pain relief. Pain medication only suppresses the pain, which returns when the medication wears off. There is also the risk of kidney damage from too much medication intake. Pain management aims to address the cause of the pain and eliminate it completely.

Some of the techniques used by pain doctors include:

  • The doctor can inject local anesthetics along with corticosteroids around the nerve roots, muscles and joints to relieve the irritation, inflammation and muscle spasms.
  • Nerve blocking is a technique commonly used to block a group of nerves that causes pain in specific organs or regions of the body. The doctor uses local anesthetics to block these nerves and prevent the pain.
  • Physical therapy through tailored exercises can help increase function and reduce pain in certain parts of the body. Pain doctors today use unique methods for physical therapy such as whirlpools, ultrasounds and deep tissue massage.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a popularly used electrical stimulation procedure for pain relief. The technique relies on a small device that stimulates the nerve fibers through the skin making it a non-invasive procedure.
  • Counseling and relaxing techniques can also eliminate the emotional anger, sadness and hopelessness that lead to unrelenting pain. A holistic approach of physiological support as well as medical treatment can lead to a huge improvement.
  • Surgery is often the last resort when no other pain management methods can work on a specific case. Surgery is often the last resort since there is the risk of many complications as well as long periods of downtime and recovery. However, surgery can be quite effective for specific pain cases. The surgery may be targeted at the nerves or correcting position of bones, tendons and ligaments that may be causing pain.

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