We offer a comprehensive approach to pain management.

Advanced Interventional Techniques

The APEX physicians are experts in providing the newest procedures resulting from the advancements of modern technology. We recognize that incorporating these interventions is an integral part in achieving pain management. Our physicians are highly trained and skilled in the complex procedures that must be incorporated for a successful outcome in pain relief.

Medical Management

A unique combination of medications will be personalized for each patient, focusing mainly on nonopioid medical therapy. Careful attention will be given to minimize unwanted side effect and habit forming behaviors of opioid therapy.

Physical Health

Physical well being is best maintained with an appropriate fitness plan, which will include daily physical therapy home exercises, healthy nutrition, and regular sleep.

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety and stress are all contributors to worsening pain symptoms. Medications and counseling can significantly improve pain management.

Alternative Therapy

Western medicine is not the only modality to treat pain. The APEX physicians recognize that alternative therapies such as acupuncture have been successfully used for thousands of years.