Quick Back Pain Tips for Lower Back Pain Relief

From arthritis to poor posture, heavy lifting and pregnancy, the causes of back pain are diverse. There is really no single cure for back pain. The best you can do is to take steps to manage your condition. In most cases, it gets better with time. The following tips can help you manage lower back pain.

Stay active

Nothing can worsen back pain faster than inactivity. Move as often and as quickly as possible. Do not take more than 3 days of bed rest. Once you feel better, perform your regular activities, walk and swim as a form of exercise. You obviously need to avoid exercises that strain your back or cause pain but make sure you are not inactive.

Strengthen the abdominals

Once you are able to perform some minor exercises, start by working out your muscles. Muscles that support the lower back really need strengthening because if they are weak, you will experience a lot of strain on the lower back. The abdominal muscles support your back so strengthening them helps to improve your posture and align your spine.

Take note of sitting positions that aggravate lower back pain

Your lower back pain suffers if you slouch in your desk or sit for long hours. You need to stand up at least every 20 minutes and stretch backwards. You can also lie on your bed and stretch your entire body then put one leg on the floor. Lean forward to stretch your muscles while keeping the back in a neutral position. These movements help you stretch out more and improve your flexibility. Avoid lifting heavy objects if you are still recovering from lower back pain. If your job involves heavy lifting, start by bending from the knees to pick up the item.

Get proper footwear

Poor alignment of feet can cause lower back pain. It happens because high-heeled shoes make your posture unstable and add more pressure on your spine. Low-heeled shoes, special inserts or insoles and running shoes can provide more support and prevent or ease your back pain.

Keep your weight in check

Overweight or obese individuals are at a higher risk of lower back pain because of the excess weight. This extra weight places a lot of strain on your back and you’ll need to avoid it in order to manage your pain. Change your diet, exercise more often and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid excess weight.

Talk to a specialist

If you have been suffering from severe pain on the lower back that doesn’t seem to go away after days of treatment, you need to see the doctor immediately. Lower back pain, if not treated early can cause obesity, loss of bowel or bladder control and a host of other problems that need to be addressed. Some patients are able to obtain relief by exercising whereas others have to go through physical therapy. You just need to see a specialist who can help you deal with the condition and discover ways to manage it.