Brian Burda “Highly Recommends”

I refer to Dr. Neel Amin as my ‘miracle worker.’ He has managed to quickly relieve the pain in my lower back that I have been dealing with for several years. I have seen other physicians and undergone other procedures with no change at all. After my first procedure with Dr. Neel Amin, I felt immediate relief. I was made to feel extremely comfortable during our visits and especially during the procedures. Dr. Amin kept me informed of everything that was going on and what he planned to do, along with what benefits we were hoping to achieve. I have been going to American Pain Experts for over a year now receiving routine treatments as a preventative measure, with great success. I highly recommend American Pain Experts to anyone who would benefit from the services they offer.

- Brian J Burda

Business/Operations Manager

Hotspots Media Group

A Testimonial From Tracy W.

I was an athlete and always on the go raising my 10 year old very active daughter. Then the unimaginable happened and I was bed ridden. I herniated two discs could barely move. The pain persisted for months and by the time I reached Dr. Amin I had lost all hope. I had tried everything and nothing was working. From the moment I met Dr. Amin I knew he would be the one to finally stop all my suffering. He assured me that he could help me, and he was so genuine, like no other doctor I had ever met. He and his staff were very patient and helped me with all my needs. I am elated that I am finally out of back pain in the land of the living again. I will always be grateful to Dr. Amin for his all caring and great expertise.

- Tracy W.

Jerri Barri

I have been in pain since 2009. I was really scared to go to a pain management. The thought of shots and meds was not an option. My friend told me to go see Dr. Macek just once, I did!! I can’t say how much I love this doctor. He has helped me to get through my day to day activities. I will never go to anyone else. He’s not just a Dr. He is a friend. He makes my life better.

- Jerri Barri

Richard Hoating

I would recommend APEX to anyone who is suffering from pain or serious discomfort in virtually any part of their body, especially the Spine, ankles, knees and Shoulders. These are areas that I have been getting injections from Dr. Macek. The doctor and his staff are extremely professional and courteous. Dr. Macek is very knowledgeable in all aspects of pain management, he has good bed side manners, he truly care about his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Macek and his excellent staff if you are looking for pain management.

- Richard Hoating