Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

The lower back is where majority of the motion in your spine takes place. This is also the part of the back that is most likely to wear down over time or sustain injury due to these movable parts. You can get lower back injury from bad body mechanics among other causes. Poor posture and repetitive stress leads to muscle strain and soft tissue problems as well. Back pain is extremely uncomfortable; it may also force you to take time off work. Good body mechanics is important when moving your body and back to avoid any spine injuries. Here are a few tips on how to protect your lower back from injury.


Regular exercise, particularly exercising your core, is great for your spine. The strong core muscles will provide support for your lower back and avoid injury when lifting heavy objects. Other low impact exercises such as power walking help increase blood flow to various parts of the body including the spine. A steady supply of nutrients and water to the spine ensures proper hydration and healing.


Poor posture places the back in an awkward position. The excess pressure on the lower back can worsen the pain from degenerated discs. You should always sit upright following the natural curve of the spine. You can also use ergonomic chairs that are designed specifically to assist in maintaining proper posture. You should avoid sitting for prolonged hours in the same position. Get up and walk around the office, stretch out if your job involves sitting for most of the day. You can even put a reminder on your phone to remind you to check your posture every once in a while. Avoid spending too much time with your head bent over your phone as well.

Lifting correctly

Many people experience lower back injuries when they bend over to lift heavy objects. Even young, strong and healthy people can suffer lower back injuries if they lift items the wrong way. Everybody should avoid lifting injuries by keeping the chest forward and bending at the knees when lifting heavy objects. You should also carry with your hips forward instead of your shoulders when moving heavy items.

Physical health

Maintaining good physical health can reduce the potential risk of lower back injury. The spine radiates nerves to all the parts of the body and it reflects your overall health. Anything you do to improve your physical health will be great for your spine as well. To maintain great physical health one should drink plenty of water daily and quit harmful habits such as smoking.

Stretching hamstrings

Although many people do not know this, tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain. You should stretch your hamstring to reduce pressure in the pelvis. In case you have existing lower back pain, check with your physiotherapist to ensure that the hamstring stretching exercise will have no negative effect on your current condition since not all stretches are good for your lower back.